"Anyone who loves contemporary noir and dark crime fiction should read the Dogtown Trilogy. You owe it to yourself."
                                              -Denise Hamilton
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Dogtown and Soultown now available as seperate eBooks. Stark House Press has made the first two Whitney Logan mysteries—Dogtown and Soultown—available as separate editions, each with the introduction by acclaimed crime/noir author Ken Bruen that appearers in the omnibus edition.
El Niño one of Michael Connelly's five favorite legal thrillers. Entertainment Weekly lists El Niño as one of Michael Connelly's Five Favorite legal Thrillers. "Obscure but beautiful—" he calls it, "when the law is a hurtful thing." Click here to view.
Mercedes Lambert finds a global audience.
All 4 books by Mercedes Lambert will be published by Hayakawa Books in Japan; the first two Mercedes Lambert Books will be published by Giulio Einaudi Editore in Italy. These are extremely prestigious publishers who will extend the works of Mercedes Lambert to new readers worldwide.

Cover art for the international editions will appear here soon.

Dogtown/Soultown omnibus issued from Stark House Press. The first two Whitney Logan mysteries—Dogtown and Soultown—are now available in a single edition with an introduction by acclaimed crime/noir author Ken Bruen and an afterword by Mercedes Lambert's longtime friend and literary executor Lucas Crown. Following on the heels of Ghosttown, this marks the first time that the complete Dogtown trilogy will be in print.

Click here to view the entire cover (PDF) of the Stark House reprint edition.

"HARD LUCKTOWN: Mercedes Lambert's long-lost masterpiece" is the title of Ariel Swartley's review of Ghosttown in the September 2007 issue of Los Angeles magazine. She calls it the best book in the series. "...It shouldn't have been her last...few other novels have caught L.A.'s bipolar essence so well." The review accompanies a feature article on Mercedes lambert called "Final Draft" by her longtime friend and literary executor Lucas Crown.

Click here to read the Los Angeles magazine article. Click here for text only.

Master of hard-boiled exists with a blast. The Denver Post called Ghosttown "...a fine addition to the hard-boiled genre...." Robin Vidimos goes on to acknowledge that "Munson/Lambert has an exceptional gift for bringing readers into the realities of her characters and their streets." Click here to read the entire review.
High-Heeled Gumshoe. In her weekly (Tuesday) blog at CriminalBrief.com, mystery author Melodie Johnson Howe highly recomends Ghosttown. "It has everything that a good mystery, and a good writer has to offer..." says the author who Ellery Queen Magazine called one of the genre's best short story writers and novelists. Read Melodie's blog entry here or visit her website at www.melodiejohnsonhowe.com.
Between the lines: Talented writer's last book. Allen Pierleoni of the Sacramento Bee devoted his weekly book column on August 19 to Mercedes Lambert and the publication of Ghosttown. Click here to view the column.
Los Angeles Times: "Epilogue to the noir life of an L.A. writer." On Sunday, August 5, 2007, the Los Angeles Times ran a feature article on Mercedes Lambert. Scott Timberg, in his lengthy profile on the author and the reinterest in her books, subtitled his story: "The publishing world left gutsy novelist Mercedes Lambert for dead. Now her work gets a second chance." To read the article on the Times website, click here.
Making the case for Mercedes Lambert. Sarah Weinman reviewed Ghosttown for the Los Angeles Times on August 14. Click here to read the review.
Publishers Weekly calls Ghosttown "powerful," and adds "...memorable characters, sharp dialogue and ever-increasing mood of uncertainty, fear and menace, the narrative builds to a startling and fantastical conclusion." Read review.
Ken Bruen to introduce Dogtown/Soultown. Ken Bruen has agreed to contribute an introduction to the Stark House Spring 2008 release of Mercedes Lambert's Dogtown/Soultown omnibus. Ken is a widely regarded author of hard-boiled and noir crime fiction. Author of over 20 novels and numerous stories, Ken Bruen was a finalist for the Edgar, Barry, and Macavity Awards. In 2003, Ken was presented with the Shamus Award by the Private Eye Writers of America for The Guards. Ken earned a doctorate from Trinity College Dublin in metaphysics. He has travelled extensively, teaching English in many countries. Ken makes his home in Galway, Ireland.
Click here to visit Ken's website.
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Dogtown, Soultown, and Ghosttown now in print.