"Anyone who loves contemporary noir and dark crime fiction should read the Dogtown Trilogy. You owe it to yourself."
                                              -Denise Hamilton
Press Coverage
Newspaper/Magazine Articles
Title Description Format
Final Draft Los Angeles Magazine, Feature Article, September 2007.
Between the lines: Talented writer's last book Sacramento Bee, Book Column, August 19, 2007.
Epilogue to the noir life of an L.A. writer Los Angeles Times, Feature Article, August 5, 2007.
Douglas Anne Munson, 54; Her Novels Took a Raw Look at L.A. Los Angeles Times, Obituary, January 2004.
An Excellent Place To Die
Los Angeles Magazine, Feature Article, June 1996.
A Hostile Witness Attorney's Novel Relays the Pain She Sees Daily in Dependency Court Los Angeles Times, Feature Article, September 1990.
Book Reviews
Hard Lucktown: Mercedes Lambert's Long-Lost Masterpiece, Los Angeles magazine
Sept 2007
Master of hard-boiled exits with a blast, Denver Post
Aug 2007
Making the Case for Mercedes Lambert, Los Angeles Times
Aug 2007
Publishers Weekly
June 2007
June 2007
Los Angeles Times
April 1991
Chicago Tribune
May 1991
Publishers Weekly
Feb 1991
El Niño
Los Angeles Times
Aug 1990
Publishers Weekly
May 1990
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